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crystal opal ring in silverCrystal Opal Ring Sterling Silver - Opal Jewellery - Silver Opal Ring - Trillion Opal - Silversmith Jewellery - Natural Gem - Size 8
crystal opal ring in silver
crystal opal ring in silver
crystal opal ring in silver
crystal opal ring in silver
crystal opal ring in silver
crystal opal ring in silver
crystal opal ring in silver

Crystal Opal Ring Sterling Silver - Size 8

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Enjoy Free Shipping and 15% off for Mothers Day !! Now Through Friday May 3rd !! Thank you :) :) Sterling silver solitaire open top crystal opal ring handcrafted and one of a kind. This ring is home to a 1ct free form solid deep coloured gemstone with intense broad rolling fire. Very beautiful and active stone. The band and bezel are smooth with a refined polish.

  • 1ct natural Ethiopian Opal,  Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade
  • Sterling Silver
  • Size 8

Your jewelry will come gift wrapped and will include a polishing pad to keep the piece looking its best. It will be sent in a bubble envelope to ensure its safe arrival. Thank you for loving and supporting handmade Enjoy!

Precious opal is highly valued for its prismatic play of colour, a unique optical property which creates rainbows trapped within. Brilliance, brightness, strength, pattern, body color, and color direction all determine a stones value. The rarest and most coveted color is red, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Each opal has its own personality and no two are the same. Choose a stone with colours that speak to you, individual tastes play a big part in selecting the right one.

Opal has been associated with love, passion, desire and eroticism. It is a seductive stone, intensifying emotional states and releasing inhibitions. Wearing an opal is said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness while stimulating originality and dynamic creativity. It aids in accessing one’s true self, finding answers, and helps you to understand your full potential.

Opal amplifies traits, whether those traits are good or bad, and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. It enhances self worth, confidence and self-esteem. It also brings lightness and spontaneity.  It can help you to pick up thoughts and feelings, amplify and return them to their source. It is a karmic stone and encourages positive emotions. It teaches that what you put out comes back to you, and is a protective stone in dangerous places

Type your size "size 5.5" in the search bar to view ready ship pieces. To view available ring stones which can be made in your size visit my Custom Rings page

    While each stone is unique, with most designs I can suggest a few available stones for you and we can build a new piece exactly how you want it. Please message me about your ideal dream stone and I will show you what I can find :) Or follow me on instagram for the latest available new stones as they are cut

    With proper care your precious opals will sparkle and shine for generations to wear and appreciate

    Daily Care

    • Opals are soft stones, similar in hardness to glass. To avoid scratches remove your opal jewelry while exercising, working in the garden, doing the dishes, moving furniture, etc. Don't risk damaging your work of art.
    • It is best to keep your Ethiopian opals dry, they are slightly porous and can slowly absorb liquids. If your stone gets wet simply let it air dry and it will return to its original coloration in a few days. 
    • Keep away from chemicals and beauty products, they can degrade the polish over time and if pigmented, could tint the opal. Purple hair dye may stain an opal. 
    • Pro tip : Wear your rings on a chain or cord on your neck to keep them safe when working with your hands.
    • Pro Tip: When getting dressed jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.


    • Create a specific home for your opals: Give your jewelry a place that it rests when it's not being worn. 
    • Store it away from humidity, moisture or extreme temperatures, not on top of the oven or in a sunny window.
    • Store each piece of gemstone/diamond jewelry separately so that harder stones don't scratch softer ones. It will help keep it safe from getting damaged and you'll always know where to find it. 

    Cleaning at home:

    Jewellery tends to collect dust in crevices and behind the stone, especially if worn daily.

    • A gentle wash and scrub with a soft toothbrush and mild soap is safe for cleaning. Blot dry with a soft cloth, do not soak.
    • A polishing cloth is supplied to keep the metal setting at a high polish
    • Do not use comercial chemical jewellery cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners on opals. 

    You will always receive the exact opal pictured. I do my best to describe and capture them in different lighting and as accurately as possible. Colours may look different from monitor to monitor.

    All my jewelry settings are handcrafted in response to my hand cut one of a kind gemstones. I aim to do each stone justice by listening to what they want, cutting and crafting a setting to fully showcase it in the jewellery it was always meant to be. You always get a one of a kind art piece for you to wear, born of the earth and crafted especially for you.

    see what our opal owners think

    This is the most beautiful opal ring I have ever owned! It sparkles rainbow like a disco ball in any weather. This ring doesn’t fail to make me happy every day since it arrived! The stone itself is very high quality and it is very well cut and polished in a superb condition. The ring is very comfortable to wear and it is carefully made to keep the opal in the best condition! I cannot wait to add another beautiful jewelry made by him to my collection! Thank you so much. I absolutely love it!


    This is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I now own. Every time I see it in my reflection I’m just again amazed by its beauty and colors . I’m so happy I invested in this. :) I highly recommend anyone looking into purchasing an opal, get from this shop! You won’t regret it.


    This necklace is a true heirloom piece, I am pretty certain that I gasped audibly when I opened up the package. I love all of the pieces that I own from Curtis so far: 3 necklaces, two pairs of earrings, 1 ring....I highly recommend following him on IG because when he posts new creations, they go quickly!!


    Having a customised ring made by Curtis has been a privilege and a pleasure. He advised, updated and modified as the process progressed, far exceeding any previous experience and indeed expectations I may have had. The end result was a marvel and testimony to his workmanship. I simply couldn’t be any happier. Thank you, Curtis, for making my daughter such a unique and beautiful ring.


    The ring is absolutely stunning!!! I am slightly jewelry obsessed and am seriously blown away by Curtis's craftsmanship! It is the single most beautiful thing I have purchased from etsy to date! Thank you so much for your work! Will definitely be ordering more pieces :)


    A really beautifully crafted piece. The boulder opal is gorgeous and the finish to the silver is perfect. I think this will be a favourite piece for years to come.