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The story of opal; From the Earth to Wearable jewellery

raw opals cutters grade select for cutting gem quality

Raw Opal Specimens

Hand selected raw opals for cutting, these natural stones are filled with potential. Their play of colour inspires an opal cutter to consider all possible shapes and orientations. Each stone is unique from all angles and the challenge is to "find" the best gem in the rough. The better the opal, the more lapidary skill required to bring it to life.

precious opals on the jewellery bench of opal cutter curtis r jewellery, Ethiopian opal, australian opal, black opal, pipe opal gemstones

On The Jewellery Bench

Opal tells its own story, on the jewelry bench I do my best to listen. They are stones that know what they want! Each setting is meticulously handcrafted and designed in response to its stone.

australian opal moon carving stud in mixed metal by lapidary artist curtis r jewellery

Original Heirloom Gemstone Jewellery

A handcrafted piece of opal jewellery honors and compliments the stones shape and properties. Crafted in a custom setting the result is a uniquely precious item that is an experience to hold, wear and admire. No other gemstone evokes a sense of magic and wonder quite like opal. Freshly set they are finally ready for their world debut, to be seen for the first time in person by anyone but me, by the lucky new owner.